Port Mann Tunnel Diver

The Port Mann Water Supply Tunnel is a complex project, requiring commercial divers to descend inside the shaft, working in blackness, performing difficult work in challenging conditions. And, when they surface, they face a potentially deadly risk. In this video shot in the winter of 2013, we documented the critical steps needed to ensure the divers avoided decompression sickness, a potentially deadly condition also known as ‘the bends’.

Is Canada Buying into Biking?

This article was originally published in PEDAL magazine Is Canada Buying into Biking? What’s the state of cycling in urban Canada? It is building credibility as a sensible all-ages way to get around town. The bicycle’s biggest boosters are heralding a Renaissance in two-wheeled travel. Many cities across the country

Understanding the Waste-to-Energy Option

Diverting garbage from the landfill to an incinerator is a controversial topic. Critics say that it fosters a dependency on generating waste to generate power and revenue. Advocates believe that it’s a necessary compromise in a society where recycling and re-use options remain limited to certain categories of waste. If

Waste Treatment Research at Annacis Academy

A short video produced for the Metro Vancouver Multi-media Division. (field producer, paper edit, online description, indexing, and thumbnail selection) The first research project at the Annacis Sustainability Academy is moving in! With this struvite reactor UBC researchers will tackle the problem of mineralization in sewer pipes – with a