A Giving Gift Suggestion

If you are thinking about giving a charitable donation in lieu of a gift to someone this year, consider kiva.org.  The organization focuses on micro-credit for entrepeneurs in developing nations. Many female success stories are among the small business owners represented, offering hope that economic independence can give these women

Getting Ready for a Recession

What goes up in a Recession? It’s no joke that the answer, unfortunately, is crime. In the United Kingdom, it’s the same story from a Scottish perspective. The Observer claims its analysis of official English figures show a jump in burglaries coinciding with the economic downturn with some jurisdictions reporting

Do It Yourself Cycling Fashion

Momentum magazine hosted a sewing workshop for cyclists on Saturday, Nov. 8. On hand to teach participants how they can recycle old sweaters and dress slacks into stylish arm warmers and cycling knickers was Nan Eastep of B Spoke Tailor. Here’s some highlights of the fun, and an interview with

What About The Children?

Sustainability is the new black when it comes to catch-phrases. And rightly so. But, are we serious about paying more than lip-service to the concept? We’ll get a better idea of how much commitment local governments have to the idea in March, when transportation consultant Richard Gilbert’s guidelines for sustainable

Betty Got My Ballot

Threw away my vote today. If you think that voting on principle, rather than probability of victory, is wasting your ballot. It felt grand. Tossed it aside the same way a cigarette smoker casually grinds out their butt and walks away from that tiny tube of non-biodegradable whatever that cigarette

So Very Opted Out!

You may recall I mentioned ioptout.ca in my post about the do not call list last week. Today I received an email from the service outlining just which companies are now forbidden to call me. This is a level of service the gov’t list isn’t offering. Further, if I review the