Betty Got My Ballot

Threw away my vote today. If you think that voting on principle, rather than probability of victory, is wasting your ballot. It felt grand. Tossed it aside the same way a cigarette smoker casually grinds out their butt and walks away from that tiny tube of non-biodegradable whatever that cigarette filters contain. 

Coulda spoiled it, or voted for the Marxist/Leninists — to really thumb my nose at the conventional wisdom. But hey, if a great-grandmother who’s willing to go to jail to protect the environment and thumb her nose at the so-called justice system doesn’t deserve a few Xs on election day I don’t know who is. No offense intended for the NDP incumbent in my riding, but she’s probably a lock for the job, so why not vote for someone whose platform is so sensible it couldn’t be seen as anything other than extreme in this crazy, mixed-up world?
A rainbow. Just because.

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  1. Duncan Watson | |

    I am very curious how the Canadian election turns out. Hoping for a minority government again myself.

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