Recent Work – Community Workshops Gather Input from Residents as North Vancouver Considers Climate Change Adaptation

mvconnectHover2Hotter temperatures are a familiar symptom of climate change. Another is extreme precipitation – intense bouts of heavy rainfall that can damage private homes AND civic infrastructure. In North Vancouver, community workshops help the public understand the challenges municipalities face with issues such as extreme weather and offer a chance to collaborate on potential solutions. See how the city of North Vancouver works with the non-profit Evergreen to engage residents in this informal yet productive setting.

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Recent Work: The Sustainable Region 2014 Ep 8 – Coquitlam UV Water Treatment Facility

The Coquitlam Reservoir supplies our region with 370 million litres of potable water on an average day. Now that water is cleaner than ever, thanks to the new Coquitlam Water Treatment Facility. In this episode see how this ultraviolet innovation went from blueprint to reality. (17:30 min)

Recent Work – Media Release: West Coast Expeditions

Media Release for West Coast Expeditions kayaking tour company. Click on the image to read full version.

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June 9, 2014
Prepare to Paddle – What you need to know
for your first sea kayak adventure of the season
Sea kayaking is a great way to enjoy the beauty of BC’s coastline and lakes.
These tips help make that first trip of the season a safe and enjoyable experience.

Courtenay, B.C. – At this time of year many people are getting ready for their first sea kayaking trip of the year – looking forward to fresh air, exercise, and unparalleled access to wildlife in its natural environment. To help make sure that first trip is a safe, enjoyable paddle, Dave Pinel – owner of West Coast Expeditions, offers some easy-to-follow advice for anyone getting ready for their first kayak trip of the season.

“Preparation is key, both for your body and your equipment,” says Pinel. “Whether your first paddle of the year is a short jaunt around your local waters for a few hours, or a multi-day adventure.”

On the physical side, Pinel points out that while kayaking relies on your hands, arms, and shoulders to control the paddle, much of the exertion comes from your core muscles. (read more)



Recent Work – Packout = Profit Part 2

Second in a series. Commissioned by Assured Software for Restoration and Remediation Magazine. Click on the image to read full article

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You’ve grown tired of the paper lists, the data entry discrepancies and the all-around hassle of relying on out-dated methods to handle packouts and inventories for your restoration clients. The obvious solution is one of the content restoration software solutions now available on the market. But how do you choose the right one? Here’s some advice to help you make the right decision and ensure a smooth transition.

The first step is being committed to making the change. Talk to industry peers who have already made the switch and see how they’ve benefited from the change to verify that it’s the right route for you. (read more)

Recent Work: Packout Software = Profit

Article commissioned by Assured Software for Restoration and Remediation Magazine. Click on image to read full article

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The packout. It can be a crucial piece of the restoration/remediation puzzle, especially for jobs requiring a full suite of services, like contents management. But it’s also fertile ground for inefficiencies and costly errors. The old-fashioned way – creating hard copy lists on site and transferring all that information to a computer back at the office – can be plagued by factors such as hard-to-read handwriting, inaccuracies during data entry and lost or missing documentation. When that happens in front of a customer, it can look very unprofessional.

To address these issues, software apps are fast becoming the industry standard. For companies that have made the switch, the decision is delivering multiple benefits.(read more)

Recent Work: Local Pest Control Web Page

Copywriting for Local Pest Control’s bird control web page.

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Recent Work: Surrey Steps Up Looks to Better Block Project for Inspiration

Another of those gigs where you get paid to attend something informative and inspiring. This time in Surrey, for the launch of their Surrey Steps Up program. Attendees were treated to an overview of Surrey’s ambitious plans for directing future growth to the year 2050 in a presentation (pdf) from Don Luymes, City of Surrey Manager of Planning and an inspiring presentation by Jason Roberts from the Build a Better Block Project.

If you find my short item for the Metro Vancouver blog whets your appetite, you can see all of Jason’s presentation and more info on Surrey Steps Up at the City of Surrey’s website for the program

Recent Work – Metro Vancouver 2014 Homeless Count

What a privilege it was to get to listen to Judy Graves’s presentation as she brought her years of experience advocating for homeless people to an orientation session for the 2014 homeless count volunteers in Surrey. Continue reading

Recent Work – Coquitlam River Watershed Roundtable

Freelancing. Some days you sit at a computer. Other days you get to be outside by a river and watch salmon head upstream.

The Case for Stairs at China Creek North Park

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 10.09.23 PMChina Creek North Park is a well-used park on Vancouver’s East Side, located roughly on the border between the neighbourhood of Mt Pleasant and the False Creek Flats. It’s frequented by soccer and softball teams, joggers, neighbourhood children, dogs, and their human companions. It is situated at the corner of East 6th Ave and St. Catharines St and has a running track, fitness apparatus, two baseball diamonds, a soccer pitch, and a playground. On the west side of the park a steep hill leads from the sidewalk down to the running track and playing fields. Many people choose to walk down the grassy slope, as indicated by the well-worn path that traces the most direct route from the street corner to the sidewalk running beside Great Northern Way.

Unfortunately, the existing slope is very slippery and dangerous in the rain as the narrow dirt path turns to mud. Building a safe, permanent stairway will create a safer route for park users and improve access from the Mt. Pleasant neighbourhood to a number of nearby destinations, including:

  • VCC Skytrain station and bus loop (#84 UBC Express bus)
  • QLT building at 887 Great Northern Way
  • the soon-to-be-completed Mountain Equipment Co-op head office building.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 10.15.22 PM Safety is an issue with this often wet and slippery direct route. For people who can’t risk a fall or injury, it’s necessary to detour three city blocks utilizing existing sidewalks, just to get down this short, but steep hill. With the recent cancellation of the Hadden Park bicycle path, this is the perfect opportunity for the Vancouver Park Board to re-allocate funds to benefit East Side residents — with a simple, but effective improvement to a well-used, but sub-standard pedestrian route. So, I’ve started a petition at asking the Park Board to consider this easy and relatively inexpensive way to make the park more pedestrian-friendly.

Link to Park Board web page for China Creek Park North

Don’t want to give your personal info, but still want to contact the Park Board to let them know you support or oppose this petition? Get in touch via their official web page or email the commissioners directly at: