Online Videos

Give your visitors dynamic content at their first touch point with your site. This example uses stock shots from previous blog posts, along with industry-specific images and some simple motion graphics to deliver a simple pitch for better eyesight.

Create a full-blown corporate blog with compelling, regularly updated content. It may cost less than you think. Plus, the investment appreciates as your library of quality, relevant content helps your search rankings.


Get a customized free estimate for your next web video project.

Additional Services

  • E-Newsletters – The opt-in advantage of email newsletters continues to make it a useful marketing tool. (from $399 a month)
  • Social Media Content (from $99 a month) – We find content and make it fun to contribute to your company’s social media presence.
  • Content Strategies – Create a realistic plan for your online presence, so you can track results and build on what works.
  • Website copywriting – Give your website a make-over, take advantage of our free website evaluation ($350 value)
  • Online Writing Packages (Prices start from $150 per page)
  • Video Production – Professional broadcast experience

Author: Chris Keam

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